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The Small Business Breakfast of Champions

Finally! An educational event designed for the ambitious small business owner. Stay tuned for the next breakfast date by entering your name and email below – we have some great things coming down the pipe for small business owners in the coming months!

Wake up to an event designed to help you grow a healthy business with the tools and experts necessary to inspire and equip your business for success. The Small Business Breakfast of Champions gives you:


  • Small Business Owner Success Stories
  • Guest Speakers
  • Latest news affecting small business

small business owner


  • One-on-one discussions with business experts
  • Business Practicals Magazine
  • Hot-topic panel discussions

Filling Experience

  • Delicious breakfast by Magnolia Pancake Haus
  • Networking with like-minded small business owners
  • Cool swag and prizes

Meet the Experts

Every great cause has it’s heroes. While these experts don’t sport capes or wear colorful stretchy pants, they are nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to helping small business owners succeed.

Connect with our experts below or skip straight to the free registration:

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Sid Mickelson

Sidney Mendelson

The Growth Coach

Martha Zurita

Martha N. Zurita

Accíon Texas

Danny Batista and Wes baerga

Wes Baerga & Danny Batista

Vuepoint Creative

Monique Zinn

Monique Zinn

Zinn Insurance

Louis Chavarria

Louis Chavarria

Farmers Insurance

Felix Gonzalez

Felix Gonzalez

Thompson Print Solutions

Kris Chase

Kris Chase

Reach Local

Guillermo Dekat

Guillermo Dekat

Dekat Law Firm, PLLC

“Having these successful small businesses that are out there in our community sharing their knowledge and wisdom is invaluable.”

-Mercedes Sanders, Bolt Energy Bars

Full Champion the Small Group

What Unites Us?

Is it ambition or passion? Is it endless hours of work? Is it tight budgets? Is it wanting to know who to turn to for help?

It might possibly be all of those and more. It’s when the conversations begin that we learn we’re not alone, working hard and flat-out giving it our all. At the end of the day we’re united through the same cause – achieving our dreams.

Unite with us, learn, grow, share, and join the collective of small business owners that meet at the Small Business Breakfast of Champions!

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If you’re ready to advance your business, learn new things to help it grow , network and be part of the coolest small business collective around, then this is the place for you.